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GHHVPC is the active directory name which holds all ePublish websites, Tridion and tools. GHHVPC ID is the user name that is used to login into Tridion and ePublish tools. So, please ensure to close all open browsers with Tridion or tools before resetting password.
ePublish SDL Tridion - https://www.epublishmerck.com/
CP Admin Tool - https://cpadmin.epublishmerck.com/
Cookbook - http://cookbook.epublishmerck.com/
ePublish Lite - https://lite.epublishmerck.com/

Password rules:
1. Password must be at least 8 characters.
2. Must include 3 of the following: (Uppercase, Lower case, number, special characters).
3. Cannot be same as your user id.
4. Must not include first name, last name and user id

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